Since I was young, I had a dream for the ones I left behind to be proud of me…” - Jorg Aridya




Jorg Aridya is a progressive metal solo act base on San Antonio TX. He is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and producer.  

Born in Bayamon Puerto Rico with a passion for music and poetry since a young age, Jorg Aridya have developed the ability to translate his emotions through his lyrics and raw powerful music.

“I remember when I was around 12, my mother had me taking painting and drawing classes which I liked. However, something inside of me felt incomplete. I began to listen to 80’s bands like Stryper, Anthrax, Metallica, Iron Maiden and that’s when I realized what I was missing, music. When I was 15 my mother got me an electronic keyboard for Christmas and a couple of private lessons, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to rock! So, at 16, I got a job and bought myself a cheap guitar. I felt so driven by my new found passion I self-taught how to play guitar, bass, drums, piano and sing. I remember carefully listen to my old LPs and tapes, paying close attention to the music structure and, lyrics. Closing my eyes and trying to figured out how they were doing it.

I also loved writing poetry. Always inspired by the girls I liked. So, I thought to myself why not incorporate it to my songs. After that, I just finally felt complete. I felt in love with music, anyone who really know me can say a bit too much passion or even obsession with it”

Jorg Aridya began to play on several garage bands and on several small venues but everything had to be put on hold due to new responsivities, his family.

“I remember playing in someone garage, in closed streets parties and in local venue with like 5 “cats”. I honestly didn’t care. I loved singing covers of my favorite bands and some original songs here and there. But then I guess I had to make a decision. Keep parting and playing music or my family. I had to mature and realized that pursuing my obsession was going to be hard so I put my family first. Got a boring job, went to college and later on my adult life joined the military.”

After his military service was completed, Jorg Aridya decided to comeback to make music. He’s style began to shape with his early influences, but also with modern acts like KSE, Alter Bridge, Kamelot, Evergrey and Sevendust.

He tried putting a band together for over 6 years but due to difference in priorities and responsivities of his band mates, the band never took off.

Driven by his passion for music, Jorg Aridya also self-taught audio engineering. He put together a home recording studio and began to write songs in hopes to one day be able to finally form a band.

“I had written over 200 songs draft, but I became frustrated full of self-doubt. My wife always told me that I got good music and that I shouldn’t wait for no one. I felt she really was just trying to be supportive, but again the self-doubts were taking over. It wasn’t until my childhood friend and old bandmate Bruce called me to talk about the possibility of redo our old band. He sended me some of his music and I send him some of mine. I guess he loved it but as much as he wanted too, he couldn’t play it. Then he told me, that I should pursued to release my music on my own. So, I guess between him and my wife, they both gave me the courage to stop self-doubt and release some of my songs.”

Since March 2020, Jorg Aridya had release 7 singles and a 13-track album “UNO”.  His music is full of melody, clean vocals and aggressive guitar riffs. His lyrics are exciting, captivating and all based on his real life experiences, struggles, the word and his family.

His latest single "With a second" a song he wrote under desperation for his youngest daughter, had being feature in several curator playlist including Distrokid’s Spotlight Metal and Spotlight All Genres on Spotify, also on Pandora's Amp Fresh Cut Radio and several Radio Stations.

“I wrote and record Within a second in less than 3 hours. I literally had tears while singing it. I was feeling desperate for how the word is affecting my kids specially my youngest daughter. Sometime as parents we feel helpless and only hope to do our best to protect our kids. That’s is what this song is about. I didn’t expect the song to had the impact it had on others but I guess we all fear for our kid”

Jorg Aridya’s latest, a 6-track EP name “Intro.Spec.Tive” continue exploring more of his musical influences with a mix of styles that includes 80’s trash metal, 90’s grunge, soft rock with some cinematic elements and a acoustic rendition of “Within a second”.

“With this EP I wanted to try something a bit different, but I wasn’t feeling it. I keep dragging 12 song drafts and couldn’t decide which ones to use. So, I took a break.

I began listen back to some amazing indie artist I be friend after I released my first couple of singles. Artists like Feed your wolves, Leigh Thomas, Dixie Alley, Al Navarro, Lung Glass, Roehrborn, Cynic Scalb, The Metal Byrds, Harlands and Anwen Rose just to name a few. Since, we kind of became like a “Twitterfamily” and they all had all influence me in some way I found what I was missing. I must admit, after listening to Andy Davison from Feed you wolves and Leigh Thomas flawlessly work their emotions with their soft rock/ballads, I wanted to pushed myself. I wanted to go out my comfort zone and write a couple of songs inspired by their style. So, I did.”

“Intro.Spec.tive” is sechedule to be release on Feb 11, 2021 on all streaming services and for sale on

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