Aridya's mind

Friday fun! 

Today I have scheduled some time in my studio. Gonna be working on finishing touches of a couple of songs. 

I have a lot of material that didn't make it to my album "UNO" and I'm selecting the ones I one to use for my new EP. Hopefully I get everything done by the beginning of the year. 

Stay tune for more!

What a crazy day... 

Yesterday was US election and we still don't know to what evil we sold our souls. Is crazy...

After all is settled, I just hope we all can move on. Our country and our spirits feel like shattered glass however, we are still here!. Is time to build unity, compassion and respect for one another.



New music coming soon 

Now that my website is finally up and running, I can go back and do what I love the most. Making music. 

Before I began working on the website, I was already in the process of recording songs for my next EP. I plan to do a 5 or 6 song EP and to be release in a couple of months. I will keep posting updates here. 


New website! 

Finally, after 2 weeks of work the site is up! I being working hard to have a platform of my own where I'm able to interact with all you. Also, this is a great way to keep you up to day.

Thank you for all the support!!